Are You Tired of Going in Circles?

Going to bed angry? Arguing all the time? Resenting your spouse?


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“When we heard about the flip my marriage program. My husband and I were overjoyed, because we finally found a relationship course that can break down our problems and finally get us on track.”


“Eric and Christina have shown how much they truly care about couples. We have gone through their information and they have continued to work with us and help us grow.”

-Lisa & David

Testimonial- Relationship counseling has been beneficial in more ways than one. It's helped me become a more effective communicator and also helped with me self reflection. I feel I listen more intently now when communicating with my spouse and overall a more rounded communicator than I was before I started counseling with Christina. It's definitely a great investment.

G. Ross


Will This Help If We Have Already Filed For Divorce?

Yes, absolutely we have helped many couples who were on the same path to divorce and they are much happier and feel their relationship is stronger than ever before.

Will This Help If We Are Currently In Marriage Counseling?

Yes, in fact Christina is a relationship coach and couples counselor. She often uses these same teachings with her clients.