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Going to bed angry? Arguing all the time? Resenting your spouse?


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“When we heard about the flip my marriage program. My husband and I were overjoyed, because we finally found a relationship course that can break down our problems and finally get us on track.”


“Eric and Christina have shown how much they truly care about couples. We have gone through their information and they have continued to work with us and help us grow.”

-Lisa & David

"Relationship coaching has been beneficial in more ways than one. It's helped me become a more effective communicator and also helped me with self-reflection. I feel I listen more intently now when communicating with my spouse. I'm overall a more rounded communicator than I was before I started with Christina. It's definitely a great investment."

- G. Ross

"We were able to take time to read and study your book you gave me during our last session, and I must say it has helped us tremendously!!! To the point my wife told me she noticed the changes I've made and the consistency in the changes. I've also noticed the changes for the better on her end. We are in a very good space right now.

Talking to you has helped us so much and we can't thank you enough for listening to us and hearing us and guiding us in the right direction. You are the Greatest of All Time! Thank you so much for everything!!! We are the happiest we've ever been."

- FMM Client 2023


Will This Help If We Have Already Filed For Divorce?

Yes, absolutely! We have helped many couples who were on the path to divorce. However, after going through our courses they are much happier and feel their relationship is stronger than ever before.

Why Coaching and Not Counseling?

Coaching and counseling have two distinct purposes. Coaching focuses on where you are now and giving the tools you need to move forward as quickly as possible. Counseling focuses on healing from the past and using therapeutic interventions to improve your relationship dynamic. Both seek to improve your relationship- one based more on education and motivation, the other based on counseling principles. Both are helpful in building healthy relationships and can be used together.

Will This Help If We Are Currently In Marriage Counseling?

Yes! As a couple's counselor and relationship coach, Christina often uses these trainings with her clients as an additional support. Flip My Marriage is designed to educate and inspire. Using our tools in conjunction with counseling can be very beneficial and have provided favorable results.